Monday, August 2, 2010

Summertime quick meals

August 2nd, 2010

Rather than apologizing for not updating in a while like I normally do I'm going to just ignore the fact that I am clearly a big lazy bum and continue on as if nothing is wrong.

So to begin my post I would just like to start by wishing my mama a very happy birthday! it was her bday yesterday and I wasn't there to share it with her, but I was thinking about her! =)

Onto the food! I'm going to post share a couple of my newly found summer favorites. They are all quick and super easy. I find it really hard to cook for myself in the summertime because it's either too hot, or I'm just too lazy so these meals pack a lot of punch and get me through the day. Here goes...

Taco Salad- for lack of a better name

  1. Romaine Lettuce
  2. Tomato, cut into chunks
  3. Avocado, cut into chunks
  4. Corn kernels, cooked and cooled
  5. Black beans, if using canned rinse!
  6. Grated cheddar cheese
  7. A handful of tortilla chips or a flat tortilla
  8. Salsa
  9. Salad dressing of your choice (optional)
Okay, so to begin just toss everything in a bowl, you can either crumble the chips over top or leave them whole, your call. Or if using a flat tortilla, brush with oil and season with a little cayenne and toss it in a 400degree oven for hmm.. 5 minutes, check on it frequently. You'll end up with a hard tortilla that you can just break up over the salad.
I also tend to put salad dressing on mine, but that's totally optional. I use a blue cheese yogurt dressing that surprisingly mixes well with everything in the salad.
I am also known to do a fridge raid for any produce looking a little limp and chop that up and add it to the salad.

My next "recipe" I guess you can say is my new love of baked potatoes.

Take a baking potato and scrub off any dirt you see, then pierce it all over with a fork.
Now there's 2 ways to bake the potatoes now. If you've got all the time in the world you can throw them in a 400degree over for a good hour until they're soft and mushy, or if like me you decide you want a baked potato 20 half an hour before work toss those bad boys in the microwave for 6-8 minutes.

I know, I know.. I went to culinary school and I 'bake' potatoes in the microwave, shoot me haha.

So once my potato is baked, I cut an ex in it and put a dollop of vegan margarine in it, and I mean very little, but it does give a creamy, buttery texture that is too good to pass on.
Next I grate a little cheese on, then I put a heavy spoonful of salsa on it. I've been using fresh local salsas from the farmers market and it just adds such a punch to an otherwise plain baked potato.
Of course there's so many choices for baked potatoes. try the classic green onions and sour cream, or saute some mushrooms and onions (tried it, SO good) Or broccoli and grated cheese. Just about anything under the sun works on baked potatoes so get creative.

Also, for those potato-phobes out there. They are GOOD FOR YOU! Potatoes are knows as a resistant starch, in other words is not a simple carb going straight to your muffin top, they are actually keeping your weight in check!
As for a medium potato with the skin on, you're looking at only 100 calories with more potassium than a banana! They keep blood pressure in check and fight of heart disease, not to mention keep you full longer. Potatoes are a super food!

And finally my treat of all treat foods.. Green Onion Cakes!
Might possibly be the easiest recipe ever too.

Start with a 3:2 ratio of flour to HOT water and mix in slowly to make a ball of dough. Wrap in plastic and chill until you plan on using it.
Next roll out the dough (using additional flour if needed) Sprinkle sliced scallions (green onions) and then fold cake over on itself and roll out again, making sure onions are evenly dispersed.
In a large frying pan, heat canola or part canola and a sprinkle of sesame oil over medium-high heat and then drop cake into pan. Brown evenly on both sides.
Blot cake with paper towel and sprinkle with salt before cutting into triangles and serve with your favorite chili sauce for dipping.
Ahhh my favorite!

Anyways, that's all for now, I hope everyone's summer is going fantastic. Mine has definitely been interesting. I've been running out in the sun a lot, and going to early morning aquafit, as well as relaxing on the beach whenever I have a spare moment. Right now I have a pretty red sunburn. Oh well, that'll teach me!
See ya later crocodiles


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