Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iced Coffee

August 18, 2010

Hello blog readers!

So not a very exciting entry this week, but I just made a great little concoction in the kitchen and felt the need to share.

Iced Coffee!

Haha, I know, I know. Not really pushing many boundaries this time, but seriously, this took me 3 minutes to throw together and it is refreshing and delicious!

So to start out, put your favorite coffee on to brew. Whether it's your old drip standby, or making your favorite french press, OR throw the kettle on and make an individual cup of instant coffee.

Now, once your coffee is brewed add about equal parts ice to it. Believe me it cools down quicker if you pour the coffee over the ice rather than just tossing ice cubes in on top.

Next toss it into a blender (I used my magic bullet) and top it off with your favorite additive. I used chocolate milk, but you can use cream, milk, soy, or whatever you want! Blend for a few seconds and serve. Delicious!!

Now for some coffee suggestions! When I made mine today I used Starbucks Via Instant Coffee, and before you think ew, Instant! Five it a try. It's a micro-ground coffee so it's not full of chemicals and it dissolved right into the hot water. It's definitely a quality product.
Now if you're not on the instant bandwagon, my favorite coffees are as followed (you might see a trend here): Caffe Verona- which is a Bold coffee from Starbucks, it's so delicious, and compliments chocolate to a tee. Next, Gazebo summer blend, from starbucks. So tasty! And it's only available in the summertime so i definitely suggest it. And finally Cafe Estima, another Starbucks product, it's another of my favs.

So anyways, give this treat a try and throw in your favorite modifications!

See ya later bloggers!


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