Thursday, June 10, 2010

Veggie Burgers.

June 10, 2010

Wow, I am the worst at this! Sorry for the delay, I've just been incredibly busy with moving into a new apartment and getting settled in (sitting on the couch all the time watching tv) and busy working 2 jobs (Representing the green apron(s) haha). Anyways enough about why I am too lazy to post a new recipe, yet have time to check facebook, oceanup, youtube and twitter on a daily basis.

Okay, on to the recipe. Today is Lentil Burgers. I had a recipe a few years back for curried lentil burgers, I believe it came out of Canadian Living at least 3 years back, but I've tweaked and changed a couple of things here and there to make it how I like it.

Ingredients (for about 4 patties)
  • Can of lentils, mostly drained of liquid
  • a cup of mushrooms, I use baby 'bellos
  • 1/2 a small onion
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • veg oil
  • bread crumbs
  • red wine vinegar
  • salt/pepper
1. Begin by sauteing the mushrooms, onions, garlic and then toss the cashews in to toast them up
2. In a blender, puree the lentils with a bit of vinegar, then puree the mushroom mix, until somewhat smooth. (don't over do it)
3. Next mix the bread crumbs in, until the mixture is no longer sticky. Form into patties and fry on moderate to high heat in a couple tbsp of oil, let them brown a teence.
4. Either eat them on their own or on a bun with your favorite burger toppings.

This recipe is so diverse, I make it probably once a week (sometimes more) but I am constantly changing it up. For example today I had no cashews so I used walnuts, and we tried it with balsamic vinegar and some wilted spinach in the patties. I eat mine on skinny buns with grainy mustard, a drizzle of hot chili sauce and tomato and avocado. SO GOOD

Anyways, until next time... Happy Cooking!

xo- Stacy


  1. One of these days it will let me post a comment. Stuart said his burgers turned out great.

  2. luv the burger - made them for everyone at work yesterday with rave reviews - changed it up a little used pita crumbs and a combo of red and green lentils - the cashew gave them a real meaty texture and taste - great job keep them coming - and if your ever looking for another part time job let me know we are always looking for enthusiastic new chefs where I work. Good look with the blog.