Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dear world of bloggers,

Okay, here goes. This is probably my 4th attempt at starting up a blog in the last few years, this time maybe, just maybe I'll keep it up.
So to start out let me introduce myself somewhat. I am currently a culinary student in my final year (like 2 more months to go, ugh) and don't get me wrong I LOVE to cook. I adore being in the kitchen and creating and plating and serving to others, buuut I'm not at all interested in working in a kitchen of a restaurant ever again. Also I might mention now that I'm a vegetarian and have been now for over 7 years. I am now also dabbling in vegan diets. For the past few months I have slowly been trying to ween myself off of dairy and eggs, and I have to tell you that it has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Cheese of any kind is pretty much calling my name and I have to force myself away from it. Also soy milk is great in Chai Lattes and in baking and such but having it with my cereal in the morning or the thought of potentially drinking it straight gives me the willies.
So on with the introductions. I am very young and some people may say I'm naive and immature, but it's all in perspective and opinion. I am young and am lacking in life experiences that's for sure but I'm not the dumb blond that many take me for.
I am also a die hard fan of figure skating. I was a competitive skater more than half my life, and only recently have I begun to get back into it. I love the feeling of being out on that ice. It's great for the body and also such a relief to me to go out every saturday morning after a rough week at school. And with the olympics going on right now I am glued to the TV watching all of the skating events.
Watching Shen and Zhao win their gold medal on monday night was beautiful! I am so happy for them, and I can't believe how amazing they are, at their age too. They definitely deserved the Gold. Congrats to them!
As for the mens short program last night, it was a very tight competition, man those scores are close. Evan Lysacek is my favorite and I'm secretly rooting for him, although watching Plushenko power out those quads is amazing, too bad he doesn't have the spins, footwork, and program components to match those powerful jumps.
Well enough about skating, down to the real reason I've started this blog. As mentioned above I'm about 2 months shy of graduation, and also said I'm not interested in working in a restaurant kitchen, so I have a couple tough decisions to make in the next few months... And so I'm going to look into all aspects of what I could potentially do.
Here goes, wish me luck!


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